Concrete Bridge Assessment Program


Program Features

The key features of the COBRAS program are its ease of use and ability to analyse very rapidly realistic load and bridge configurations for a large number of different failure mechanisms that are pre-defined in a library within the program. With a modern PC a typical concrete bridge yield-line assessment can be performed in a few minutes.

Other features:

  • Rectangular or skew (parallelogram shaped) slab and beam-and-slab bridges.
  • Multiple layered r/f with curtailment, banding and any orientation in plan.
  • Simply supported, fixed or free supports.
  • HA, HB, single axle and patch loading predefined.
  • Other loadcases can easily be generated.
  • Provision for corroded steel and/or deteriorated concrete.
  • 27 failure mechanisms built in.
  • Ductility checks in-built.
  • User manual with example analyses.
  • Different code rules predefined: BS 5400, BD's, AUSTROADS.

Traditional 'hand' yield-line analysis methods can be extremely tedious and are often impractical to apply to anything but the simplest slab geometry, reinforcement, loading and failure mode configurations. Using the COBRAS program bridge decks and failure mechanisms that were hitherto impractical to assess by hand without substantial simplification can now be analysed simply and quickly.

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